Board History

A Bit of Board History

On April 3 of 1914 the board of trade was formed with the purpose of promoting and improving trade and commerce and the economic, civic, and social welfare of the people of the area. The Board of Trade wrote letters and communicated constantly with government officials in regard to improving the area. Roads needed to be built, mail had to be sent, and land was waiting for many people who were desperate to acquire it.

In March of 1917 it was decided that a building be constructed for the Board of Trade. Five Years late in April of 1922 it was moved that the RCMP could use the Board of Trade Building for a courtroom.

In 1958, it was moved and carried that the Board of Trade change its name to “The Fort Vermilion and Area Board of Trade” which then was composed of six men: two from Fort Vermilion, two from La Crete, and two from the North Peace Area.

After the Board changed its name in February of 1958, it was moved and carried that the executive make up a report on the suitability of the Buffalo Head Prairie Area for settlement. Later on in the same year the Board of Trade sent a “strong protest” to AGT concerning the “very unsatisfactory service of the existing telephone system”. There was also a suggestion given that they open the land west of Buffalo Head Prairie for settlement.

In 1969 the Board sponsored the Fort Vermilion Winter Carnival, and took a loss on it. Four years later they purchased a new flag for the centennial hall, and then sponsored Fort Vermilion’s 175th birthday, with a parade, fiddling, jigging, barbeque, etc.

On September 19, 1974, the long awaited Fort Vermilion Bridge opening was held.

In 1978, construction began on a Senior Citizens Home in Fort Vermilion. The Treasury Branch Bank was opened in Fort Vermilion and a Get to Know You night was planned. In November of 1981, after much consulting and waiting, the Board received a letter from N.W.H.S.S.B. stating a new hospital will be built in Fort Vermilion and a new resident director will be hired for St. Theresa General Hospital.

In 1982 a sign was erected in Fort Vermilion at the end of 50th Street.

The Board of Trade also began operating a television service in July of the same year. They asked for donations of $100/household to pay for it. The overall cost would be $10,400 for one channel. It didn’t succeed however due to lack of money.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Today the Fort Vermilion Area Board of Trade operates with the same vision in mind as years ago. The Board is composed of: a president, vice president, secretary treasurer, and numerous directors and members from the surrounding community. Its focus of promoting and improving trade and commerce for the people of this area remain the same.